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HISENSE Hisense Ultrasound HD60 Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Appa

Forsiden Hjem/Fritid Diverse HISENSE Hisense Ultrasound HD60 Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Appa
HISENSE Hisense Ultrasound HD60 Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Appa (HD60)

HISENSE Hisense Ultrasound HD60 Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Appa

372 406,-
465 507,50 inkl. mva

ULTRASOUND HD60 - Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

  • Our HD60 ultrasound solutions achieve higher standards of imaging algorithms, delivering a more accurate original sound based on a GPU parallel architecture.
  • It processes vast levels of acoustic data simultaneously, while also providing users with a more precise and higher quality image.
  • Main Unit
    • Monitor: 21.5 inch high resolution LED monitor
    • Touch Screen: 13.3 inch high sensitivity anti-glare, anti-fingerprint color and 10-point capactivie touch screen
    • Hardisk: On-Board 1TB Hard Disk and 256 Solid State Drive
    • Probe ports: 4 active probe ports
    • Speaker: High Fidelity Stereo
    • Support Arm: Ergonomic Omnidirectional Rotatable Monitor Support Arm
    • User Interface: Ergonomic design for user interface
    • Hardkey: Backlight hardkey
    • User Defined Key: User defined key
    • Keyboard: Full-sized, backlit QWERTY keyboard
    • Palm Rest design: Yes
    • Control Panel: Left & right rotatable, electronic up & down adjustment
    • Caster: Central lock & swivel lock
  • Image Technology
    • Image Mode: B/M/CM/Color/PW/CW/PDI/IPDI
    • HPRF: Yes
    • TDI Tissue Doppler Imaging: TDI Tissue Doppler Imaging (Support TVI/TEI/TVM/TVD)
    • Continuous Wave Doppler(CW): Yes
    • Anatomical M-Mode: Yes
    • Free-Hand 3D: Yes
    • Real Time 4D-Imaging: Yes
    • Tissue Specific Imaging(TSI): Yes
    • Adaptive Frame Correlation Technology: Yes
    • Frequency Compounding Imaging(FCI): Yes
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging(THI): Yes
    • Pulse-inversion harmonic(PIH): Yes
    • Spatial Compounding Imaging: Yes
    • Speckle Suppression Imaging: Yes
    • Extend view: Yes
    • B-Steer: Yes
    • Dual Live Mode: Yes
    • Triplex Imaging(B/Color/PW-Mode): Yes
    • Zoom: High Definition Pan Zoom & Spot Zoom
    • Full Screen Zoom: Automatically Expand the Image to Full Screen
    • Auto Image Optimization: Yes
  • Operation Management
    • Software Language: English (Other languages available on request)
    • Keyboard Input: English
    • Raw data processing: Yes
    • Patient Reporting Systement: Yes
    • Patient Information Management: Yes
    • Quick save image parameter: Yes(Qsave)
    • Auto Workflow Protocol: Coming Soon
    • DICOM 3.0: Yes
  • Calculation and Application
    • Abdomen Package: Yes
    • Obstetrics Package: Yes
    • Gynecology Package: Yes
    • Cardio Package: Yes
    • Vascular Package: Yes
    • Small Part Package: Yes
    • Urology Package: Yes
    • Pediatrics Package: Yes
    • Nerve Package: Yes
    • Emergency Medicine Package: Yes
    • TEI Heart function measurement: Yes
    • Auto EF Measurement: Yes
    • Auto IMT Measurement: Yes
    • Auto OB Measurement: Yes
    • Auto NT Measurement: Yes
    • Advance Function
    • Elastography imaging: Yes
    • Panoramic Imaging: Yes
    • 4D Rendering Mode: Yes (Surface, Bone, Depth, RealSkin, Inversion,Maximum and Minimum)
    • Niche imaging: Yes
    • Multi-Slice: Yes
    • OminiView: Yes
    • Curve Anatomical M Mode: Yes
    • SCV color velocity imaging: Yes
    • 3D Spectrum: Yes
    • Biopsy Enhancement: Yes
  • Transducer
    • Convex array: C5-2A, C6-1S, C5-1E
    • Micro convex array: MC9-4A, MC11-3A
    • Linear array: L12-3E, L15-5E, L9-3A
    • Endcavity array: E9-4B, E9-3E
    • Volume: DC6-2A, DC7-2A
    • Phase Array: P4-1E, P5-1A, P8-2E
  • Accessory
    • Gel warmer: Optional
    • Acoustic Gel: Yes
    • Basic User Manual: Yes
    • Measurement User Manual: Yes
    • Built-in DVR (DVD): Optional
    • Footswitch: Optional
  • Peripheral Interface
    • USB Ports: Yes
    • Video input\Output: Yes
    • Audio inpu\Output: Yes
    • S-Video input\Output: Yes
    • Microphone input: Yes
    • HDMI output: Yes
    • VGA output: Yes
    • DVI output: Yes
    • Ethernet Output: Yes

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